Know Your Visa Type Visa & Consular

Know Your Visa Type

Types of VISA


Type of Visa

Purpose of Visit



Bangladeshi nationals visiting India to meet relatives, friends or children

For  tourism, pilgrimage, or any other purpose



Bangladeshi nationals transiting through India by land, river or air routes. No visa required for direct transit through an Airport/Seaport.


Double Entry Transit Visa

Bangladeshi nationals intending to visit a third country through India by air/rail/road/sea.

*Production of onward confirmed ticket by air/rail/road/sea is mandatory



Bona fide business persons or investors of Bangladesh registered with or sponsored by appropriate authorities;

Spouse, dependent children and parents of Business Visa holders are eligible to apply for Entry (X) Visa



Bangladesh students who have been admitted in government and government approved private Universities, colleges, schools.  



Professionals of Bangladesh appointed by the Government of India;

Bangladeshi nationals visiting India on regular assignment for reputed organizations of both countries;

Type of visa applicable to spouse, dependent children, and parents will be Entry Visa




Bangladesh nationals visiting India for specialized medical treatment with prior appointment from recognized doctor/clinic/hospital.



Double Entry Visa

Bangladesh nationals applying for visa of third countries, whose representative missions are concurrently accredited to Bangladesh from India, may apply for double entry visa [X-Double Entry]




Journalists/other representatives working in reputed print and electronic media

Journalists/representatives going for Tourism are eligible for Journalist Visa




Research scholars/fellows working in education/research institutions of Bangladesh on assignment of job/fellowship in India  or for the purpose of scholarly research in archives and libraries



Bangladesh national married to Indian national or their children

Artists/cultural personalities/academicians/professionals visiting India to participate in non-profitable/non-commercial performances sponsored by reputed institutions in India.

Spouses, children and parents of Business and Student and Employment Visa holders.




Bangladesh national visiting India to attend conferences, seminars or workshops being held in India.


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